Kitchen Essentials

Here’s a little guide to what I personally think is a must in the kitchen: 

1. A large metal mixing bowl

I have something like this!

2. Scoopable measuring cups, tablespoon/teaspoon measurers, large and small measuring cups- The scoop measuring cups are great for flour, sugar, etc. I hate when you have to pour sugar out of the bag or use a spoon to scoop it into a cup. It’s so much faster! The other things like the tbsp/tsp and large/small cups are ESSENTIALS. 


3. Silicone baking mats- these have saved my life. NO JOKE. Super easy to clean up and guaranteed no stick. I have the Fox Run brand but I know Sil Pat is a super popular one too. It’s worth the investment! Trust me. 

4. Silicone Spatulas- You can get these anywhere! They are the best for getting every last bit of batter out of your bowls. 

5. Cookie Dough Scoop- This is also a super handy tool to have in the kitchen because it makes cranking out those cookies 10x faster. I got mine from Amazon


6. Wire cooling rack- honestly you can find this anywhere but it’s really useful! 


7. Mini Muffin Pan and Whoopie Pan– makes for cute treats! Both from Amazon! 



8. Disposable frosting bags and your basic tips. I have a smooth tip, and a couple small and large decorative ones. They are super handy for when you want to make a cake look good! Go to Michaels or any craft store and you’ll find your basics. If you have a Daiso around you, they have cheap frosting bags there! 


9. Vanilla Bean Paste! – I use this as a sub for Vanilla Extract sometimes and I think it enhances the flavor a lot more. Check it out here.


To be continued….



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