Pigs in a Hot Tub Cake

If you’ve ever searched cakes on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen this cake! Isn’t it just the cutest? It looks harder than it really is, so I would say if you have about half a day to spare and a special friend’s birthday, then GO FOR IT.

The inside has Duff Goldman’s Zebra cake with layers of milk chocolate frosting. It’s all from a box/can so it’s like even easier! And like I’ve said before, sometimes the box cake-processed flavor is just what you need. I am always a fan!
Also while you’re at Target, pick up several King Size Kit Kat Bars. I think I bought 5, and there were a couple left to snack on afterwards! Strategically planned, okay?
Lastly, you need to get a hold of some light pink fondant. I bought mine at Michaels.
Pigs can be molded however you’d like. Get inspiration from Pinterest or just use your imagination!
IMG_8660 IMG_8663IMG_8661

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