Baked Donuts- Matcha Green Tea & Funfetti


DONUT WORRY…..These are baked, not fried!

PLUS, they have Greek Yogurt, not too much sugar or butter, and are super moist and airy!

Try to find a donut shop that makes donuts like that.

Anyways, I have two flavors for you here 🙂 Matcha Green Tea is made with the same exact batter, except you add the matcha powder obviously and leave out the sprinkles.

The glaze is also exactly the same. Powdered sugar and milk, plus a little vanilla extract.

These donuts taste like those cake donuts you buy at the donut shop down the street, and the secret is…..*DRUMROLL PLEASE*: NUTMEG. Yes, this mysterious spice that you’ll hear about here and there is what will make these donuts go from good to great! And all you need is a pinch of it.

Disclaimer: I went a little nuts on pictures this post, partly because all of the pictures looked so delicioso… I really couldn’t decide. ENJOY!


IMG_9071 IMG_9077 IMG_9078 IMG_9083

IMG_9076IMG_9089 IMG_9088 IMG_9086 IMG_9098 IMG_9095 IMG_9087 IMG_9090 IMG_9108 IMG_9109 IMG_9099 IMG_9103 IMG_9091 IMG_9093 IMG_9092

The Link to the Recipe can be found here!

**NOTE: For the matcha green tea donuts, just omit the sprinkles and add in 3-4 tsp of matcha green tea powder to the flour mixture before adding in the wet ingredients.

I also used almond milk for my donuts, but you can use any milk.


It’s week three of my second trimester. And God has been teaching me so much!

1. Most definitely a theme I have noticed in my life in the past couple of months is just learning to rely on God’s strength rather than my own. It’s so easy for me to go throughout the day without even thinking for a second that my day would be much better if I didn’t have the burden of trying to do it on my own.

I hear religious-minded people say all the time with good intentions, “God will never place a burden on you so heavy that you cannot carry it.” Really? My experience is that God will place a burden on you so heavy that you cannot possibly carry it alone. He will break your back and your will. He will buckle your legs until you fall flat beneath the crushing weight of your load. All the while He will walk beside you waiting for you to come to the point where you must depend on Him.”My power is made perfect in your weakness,” He says, as we strain under our burden. Whatever the burden, it might indeed get worse, but I know this- God is faithful. and while we change and get old, He does not. When we get weaker, He remains strong. And in our weakness and humility, He offers us true, lasting, transforming, and undeserved grace. It is this grace that enables us to do more than survive in this world. Grace enables us to thrive in the presence of this world’s suffering while magnifying the One who breaks us with affliction- that He might equip us with comfort, compassion, and strength to give to others. – Greg Lucas, Wrestling with an Angel: A Story of Love, Disability, and the Lessons of Grace.

2. Finding a community takes time and patience. A lot of times we enter new chapters and expect the people you get along with to just show up. That’s really not how it is, although I do know that God definitely puts the right people in your life. But in my experience, I’ve found that we have to be intentional and invest in the relationships we want to develop. And another thing is that God sometimes doesn’t provide friends or people who can rely on (well at least not right away) because he wants you all to Himself. That may sound a little selfish but we do serve a jealous God. (Exodus 34:14) He might hold back your relationships with others so that you can realize that He is the only one you need.

3. God wants us to relinquish all idols and turn to Him. Anything that we could say “Yea, I would do anything, even ditch God, just to have that.” That would be your idol. We are so easily enslaved to various things of this world and various passions. In fact, anything that overcomes us is something that we are enslaved to ( 2 Peter 2:19). And we must fight it! Jesus reveals our idols to us, and gets extremely personal because, again, He wants us to want/desire/need only Him. Our idols are our sins and God wants us to see them so that we can actively fight them.

Search me, O God, and know my heart. Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. {Psalm 139:23-24}

4. Sometimes we need to stop and just pray. Sounds super cliche and easy, yet again, we neglect this seemingly obvious task throughout the day. Have you ever thought about every single time you hop into your car, how much you need God’s protection? We seriously take that for granted. The other day, I saw a horrible fatal accident on the freeway, and as I drove by,  I caught a glimpse of a flipped-over, smashed car with a man’s arm hanging out. I could only hope that what I saw wasn’t real, but it definitely was. The firemen stood around the car, looking destitute and hopeless. That man (hopefully) said goodbye to his wife and kids for the last time that day (until heaven, also..hopefully he was a believer!) But that is how short our life here on earth is! If even Jesus had to pray constantly, how much more should we be talking to our Father?


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