Kit Kat Red Velvet Oreo Madness Cake

Yay for birthdays! October is the best because of that 🙂 Here’s the recipe, step-by-step for my “Kit Kat Red Velvet Oreo Madness Cake.” AKA heaven in your mouth & all the best desserts in one. This was made for the very best, a special person, my BFF Ner! Since birth and always. Love her and stoked to have her so much closer to me, despite our busyness. God is doing great things in her life!

I ended up needing more Kit Kats, and the brownie recipe ingredients aren’t shown here!

What you need:

1 box of Red Velvet Cake Mix
1 brownie recipe Found here!
1 pack of Mini Oreos
1 pack of Mini Reese’s 
1 can Milk Chocolate frosting
2 cans of Vanilla frosting
5 packs of King Size Kit Kats 

Bake Red Velvet cake according to directions in two 9″ pans. Let cool and freeze to make sure it is firm. Bake brownies and crumble in Oreos. Also let that cool and freeze.

Then layer it up!

1. Red velvet cake
2. Vanilla frosting
3. Oreo Brownie
4. Vanilla frosting
5. Red Velvet cake
6. Trim edges of cake to make sure they are perfectly aligned, no extra edges.
7. Frost the entire cake with vanilla frosting.
8. Frost just the top with Milk Chocolate frosting.
9. Smack on those Kit Kats!
10. Pipe swirls of frosting, add Oreos, decorate to your heart’s content.
11. Tie a ribbon around it!
12. Indulge.


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