New Aparment Decor- LA livin’

A glimpse of my new living quarters for the next year!

All ideas come from other sources..aka decor obsession.

Besides that a lot of this stuff is from IKEA, Dollar Tree, Urban Outfitters, and other random websites. I’ve become an addicted online shopper for sure when it comes to home decor. I just love that this room makes me happy and I’m glad that I have a place to go after a long day at school that is completely different from school life.

As far as moving in, I’m excited, nervous, and (I think..) equipped with God’s protection, grace, and mercy. I’m ready to see what He has in store for me over these next 4 years, and even in the next couple months as I adjust to a new life. I pray that He will continue to widen and deepen my faith, and let me minister to the people living around me. I’m pleading for divine encounters and amazing relationships to form, all centered and for the purpose of living out His mission and glory. I pray that my only motive for these next four years will be to glorify God with my actions and words, because He allows me to do so..not that He really needs it. Also, I hope that he uses this room and the entire apartment as a place that people can meet to pray and fellowship! (Hopefully more on that later)

The grand difference between a human being and a supreme being is precisely this: Apart from God, I cannot exist. Apart from me, God does exist. God does not need me in order for Him to be; I do need God in order for me to be…. We are like flowers that bloom and wither and then fade. This is how we differ from God. God does not wither, God does not fade, God is not fragile.  -Spurgeon

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