Graduations Galore + Cookie Buffet

Jess, Beth, and I just so happened to all graduate from our respective institutions this year, so Mom and Dad decided to throw a not-so-crazy (no more Prince Seafood banquet dinners) graduation party at our house. The task for me: Bake 35 dozen cookies. Time allotted: 5 hours. Mission accomplished. Feast your eyes on 423 cookies..give or take..a few may have landed in our stomachs.
I’ll link the recipes to all my cookies below. Most of the ideas for decor came from the one and only Pinterest.

Pecan Shortbread
M&M Cookies
Oatmeal Toffee
Soft Snickerdoodles
Choco-PB-Nutella (I subbed in some nutella for half of the peanut butter!)
Choco Chip were from a can, but here’s a good homemade one: Chocolate Chip

Happy Baking!


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